Kazak National Agrarian University

Leadership Wisconsin Group 16 made it to Kazakhstan! The flight was an endurance test, for sure. We are glad to have made it. We have toured a few beautiful parks with beautiful arches and trees. We also got the chance to see a Russian Orthodox Cathedral with very ornate paintings and while visiting the Kazakhstan Museum of Folk Instruments we enjoyed our own personal concert to hear folk instruments like the dombra! Very neat. We also heard from University leaders at the University of International Business as well as the Kazakh National Agrarian University. The main agriculture crop in Kazakhstan is wheat. One of my favorite parts so far was the 20-30 minute gondola ride through the Tien Shan mountains the border Kazakshan and China. People from all over the world come there to ski and snowboard. It was beautiful!  Looking forward to more adventures!


We made it to Kazakhstan

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