Foodies in Kazakhstan

I have found foodies in Kazakhstan! I am so lucky to have such an amazing host, Ann. She has been so gracious to take me into her home and make me the most amazing food ever. The first night we made Borsh together.  

 It is a Russian dish with fresh chicken and chicken stock, grated beet root, sliced potato, sliced boiled egg and some sour cream on top. It is amazing. 

She also makes this excellent tea from dried fruit, fresh herbs and tea leaves.  

 Tonight, some of her friends came over and we all made Sushi. I have never made sushi before so this was a great experience! We also made fresh salads, a cake and coffee with ice cream. Everything was amazing! 

During the day today, Ann took me all around Pavlodar to see the sights. We first went to the cathedral that she attends, then walked by the Ertish River, stopped for coffee and cheesecake and ended with some shopping at the local mall area. I found out she loves taking pictures. We are so much alike we even wear the same size clothes and shoes as she wanted me to wear an entire outfit from her wardrobe today! Complete with cute clutch. We had a fabulous day! 


Glad to have found foodies and a great friend in Kazakhstan!


2 thoughts on “Foodies in Kazakhstan

  1. What a fabulous host! The food looks delish! You have found your #SoulSister in Kazakhstan! Love all of the pics and your new shared wardrobe! She has great taste! So fun!

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