International Travel-  5 Lessons Learned

 Here are some lessons learned on my trip to Kazakhstan with Leadership Wisconsin Group 16:

1. Take the risk- Assumptions will be broken. 

I had so many fears about going to Kazakhstan. It is a ‘Stan’ country after all so it must be the enemy, right? It’s not. I met an amazing Kazakh-Russian host, Ann. I was so nervous and it was the best experience possible. I now have a new friend across the world. 

2. Dress with pride. 

The people are very friendly and I have noticed that no matter their income level they dress with class. No one walks outside in their sweats. I have learned even more the importance if having pride in the way you dress and look. It might be the only nice clothes they have and they will make sure they are looking nice. 

3. Pride in the USA

I am proud to be an American. I am even more proud to be from a free country and have unlimited opportunities available to me to pick the life I choose! We are blessed! Use these opportunities! Be grateful!

4. Humanity comes first- Never repeat past tragedies. 

Make the world a better place. The #1 thing I want to do is take what I’ve learned and use to to make the world better. What can I do, what can we do? Have you helped someone in need? We saw some very sad things that happened in Kazakh and past soviet history that should never be repeated. My hope is that we instill the value of humanity into the people around us. 

5. Pride in what you have. 

Be proud of what you have. Love what you have and stop brooding over what you don’t have. We take so many luxuries for granted. A car, a bed, electricity and running water. Many parts of the world do not have these available to them. Remember that!

I’m grateful for this experience and feel moved by it.I want to create positive change and help others. I want to see how we can all make the world a little better for those around us. 

While I couldn’t make a life living abroad because I love Wisconsin and the Midwest USA too much, I definitely feel like I’ve been bitten by the travel bug after going on this trip to Kazakhstan. I want to see other places. It is interesting to learn more about the world around us!

Happy Trails!



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