Hustle Up!

Being an entrepreneur is proving to be quite interesting! Our home building and realty business is gearing up! We are excited about that! The hard part is playing catch up from two weeks traveling abroad with Leadership Wisconsin. Traveling is so important to help broaden horizons, broaden insights and increase professional development which ultimately makes us better at our jobs and businesses as well as better leaders in our communities. The downside is the catch up afterward. Not having access to my phone or email for two weeks and catching up feels a little like treading water in whitewater rapids. I wonder how people travel regularly for work! My hat is off to those folks! 

As serial entrepreneurs, my husband and I love trying new things and love being busy! Some days we wish we could just clone ourselves to get more done. We are excited to help more people build homes, find homes and fix up old homes. We love it all. Spring is a crazy and great time of year. We are grateful to be busy and excited to see where it leads! Time to get back to the grind!

Happy trails! 



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